Mission Statement

The Honolulu Aquarium Society is dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of the Aquarium Hobby. We share knowledge, experience and fellowship among all our members, both novice and old-timers. We endeavor to preserve the natural habitat of Aquatic Life. We seek to gain personal development in the breeding and showing of aquatic life, and to stretch the boundaries of Hawaii to like minded people throughout our nation and the world.

Meeting Information

The Honolulu Aquarium Society meets on the first Friday of each month at 7:00 PM (unless it falls on a holiday, in which case it will be moved to the following Friday). Please check the News and Home Page for the latest updates. Meetings are held at the Kuhio Elementary School Cafeteria.

To get to Kuhio Elementary School, take the University Avenue exit from the H-1 Freeway and head towards the intersection of University Avenue and King Street. Get on to King Street and head east and turn right at Kahoaloha Lane (first street after all the shops on the right hand side of King Street as you are going east).


Please come out and join us in 2015


January 2nd's Presentation:  "Rift Valley Lakes Ciclids by Dave Yoshishige"

February 6th's Presentation: " Sturgeons and Caviar Catfish by Erik Leong "

The Grow-Out fish “Pseudotropheus Saulosi” will still be available at the Februaruary meeting at $3 per fish. Don't miss your opportunity to enter the "Grow-Out Contest".

March 6th's Presentation: "Breeding and Rearing Bettas by Nicholas Olinski "

April 3rd's Presentation: "TBD"

May 1st's Presentation: "TBD"

June 5th's Presentation:  " TBD"

July 3rd's Presentation: "TBD"

August 7th's Presentation: “TBD”

September 4th's Presentation: "TBD"

October 2nd's Presentation: “TBD”

November 6th's Presentation: "TBD"

December 5th's Presentation: "TBD"

We look forward to seeing you at our major events, the annual summer picnic, the fall fish show and the Christmas party.  These events may replace the regular monthly meeting.

Please help make 2015 the biggest and best year yet. MAHALO!